Bar Flies and Fence Posts

“A drunk is someone you don’t like, who drinks as much as you do”… I think that’s how the quote goes, by Dylan Thomas… I think. One of the truest statements I have ever read. Pure Truth… from hippocampus to hand to pen to paper.

And that, I believe, is what true writing is all about. All art for that matter… Allowing that initial synapse pulse to bypass any and all standard receptor sites and blast clear out the end of the pen-in-hand in algarhythmic spasam’s of vast unspoiled landscapes condensed down to a slurry of raw, gamey, simmering honesty…

…much like a slurring drunk on a saturday night, expelling the answers to all of life’s great questions, and laying out the truth in grand, deceptively simple, tales of what not to do…

Never take what a drunk person says too seriously, but never fail to listen to what a drunk person has to say. You’ll never find a person more in tune with the spinning, barometric, momentous forces at work in this gravitational mardi gras of dumb luck and bad timing… in tune with the moment, but forever lost in the pixilated smear of memories void of time and context.

But I’ll take the slurred digressions into the toxicalogically blissful nature of a chemically altered existance over the painfully bland, high-fructose fence humping that dominates the relm of the anti-this, just say no crowd, who point their well manicured, back-scratching fingers at all that is not safe and outlined in flow charts and powerpoint aided mission statements…

…one side of the fence wants to protect people from themselves. The other side wants to let people have full ownership of their mind, body, and soul; instead of this lame rent-to-own scheme that never amounts to more than a repossession for a late payment.

The fence-fuckers just want to balance there and piss in the faces of everyone on both sides, it’s purely a fetish kick. Like rubbing one off in public to ease the tensions of dehydration and malnourishment… Eventually those using the white pickets as butt-plugs will die off, likely from an inbred strain of syphillis that attacks only the most pure-bred, die-hard, members of this cult of opportunistic, colonic milkshake devotee’s…..


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