Urban Leaches

…No matter where you are these days, there seems to be no place to hide from the stranglehold on the neck of every god-given right, and the most basic concepts of what is honourable, and what constitutes reason…

Except the mind…

…But out there, in the chaos of every metropolitan sprawl that spews out it’s tainted take on reality in long winding leaches that bare their mucus drenched rows of barbed, hook teeth deep into the heart of the countryside, sucking out all that is free…. Well, out there, there ain’t nothing… it’s a no-holds barred deathmatch for all that is human, for all that is true, the me that is me, the you that is you…
And their scalp collection is growing at a phenomenal rate.
And I ask myself:
“what is it, this thing? This force I can only call ‘them’ or ‘they’, or ‘the machine’, what is this thing, that is consuming man?”
And I find the closer I look at, the more meticulous I examine; the faster it grows and consumes, at the expense of an intellectual famine…

…Watching a media-pool circle-tug with hon. Dalton McGuinty brings about that creeping-crawling feeling generally felt when in the presence of a large Puff Adder snake, or, when stumbling into a party where the host eats asparagus and multi-vitamins, drinks a 40oz of Ole E, then stands on a stool and pisses in the face of all his guests, and smiles wide and bares all
Except those shit covered teeth…

To these creatures; the filthier the better… that’s the angle of their play…

And that’s what we’re up against, to preserve this vast ocean contained…
…Within a couple pounds of meat soaked in viscous slime….
This undiscovered parasite…
This thing we call the brain.


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