This Is A Call pt.1: Stoking Fires

December, 2012

As an avid news viewer, addict, junky, or whatever; I have been on the nod because of the overflow of scag smoke billowing over this lush peninsula, from the other side of the great lakes. What, with the election, and all the hoopla surrounding that, and, to my particular interest: the legalization of pot in the state of Colorado.
Don’t get me wrong, Obama getting re-elected was of great interest to me as well; but I figured that was going to happen no matter what. I was sure-as-shit sure that no nation was loony enough to vote Ronald Reagan jr. in to office.
Not even us Canadians…

So, when I see that parts of the U.S. have made the recreational use of marijuana legal, I ask myself:
“what the fuck?… they did it, an WE won’t?!?”
Cause let’s face it folks, Canada and pot are like wieners and beans.

Beer, Beaver and Bud.
That’s Canada.
So how is something that is so much a part of Canadian culture outlawed here, when even the clenched cheeked yanks are rubber stamping this party treat?

What they’ve concocted down there in Colorado is a nice, simple, straight-forward piece of text that makes sense. A tight little bundle of an amendment. Fat free, but taking into account the whole spectrum. From the person who just wants to grow a couple plants for their own use, to the commercial grower-distribution system. It even ties into the commercial hemp and Medical Marijuana aspects. As you read through it, you start thinking: “yeah, this makes sense. A reasonable solution to this flawed system that is currently failing it’s citizens…”
It seems the hippies have gotten themselves some high-priced lawyers and perhaps a couple Hollywood screenwriters to blast out one hell of a home-run shot.

“In the interest of the efficient use of law enforcement resources, enhancing revenue for public purposes, and individual freedom“… That’s how the beauty starts out. A coy little whisper in your ear. Efficient use, enhancing revenue; these are word combinations that make politically minded investors drool uncontrollably. It’s no wonder there wasn’t a more violent opposition to this amendment. Everything they read after those words was just a blurry, punch drunk love fest. The kind that are nothing more than a hazed, pixelated vignette by the time it’s all said and done; or in this case, read.                                                 But instead of coming-to with their pants down to their ankles, their wallet gone, a sore bum, or perhaps a case of the herp; they will wake from their stupor with a fat wallet and a smile. A legal system that can focus, perhaps, on more important things. Or at the very least, more efficiently deal with the mess they already have; And the ability of the general population to simply smoke a joint of homegrown, free pot without having to justify why. Pleasure, pain, fun, sleeping aid, whatever! No need to make a reason more detailed than “because I want to” anymore.

Back in the old days, I think that’s what they used to call freedom.

But how long ago were the old days?…


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