This Is A Call pt.6: Idle No More and friends VS. Goliath

The landslide of the North American consciousness all comes down to Geraldo. Or, more specifically, his moustache…We need more Captain Midnights…. Or perhaps a Hands Across North America… Canadian Parliament is like a 50’s era television set with the contrast turned on full… black and white, no room in the hen house for grey these days…

What’s really stunning, in a cunning down your throat kind of way, is the manner in which the federal PC’s have forced every bill and amendment they put forth right up the backdoor of parliament by sheer force of will. They have the numbers to guarantee that everything they want done, gets done. Conversely, everything put forth by an opposition party is slapped down like a whino drunk on Aqua Velva . The blue kind, of coarse.

The lines are quite black and white once you go through the votes: PC on one side, everyone else on the other. When presented with this heavy handed and deaf version of what is supposed to be a democratic process, a person like myself must pause, and smash something repeatedly against the nearest wall, table, or keyboard.

Canada is being smeared in harpooner‘s DNA, and despite the fact that everyone but the PC’s are opposed to the happenings in the cold, green-roofed brothel of our nation’s capital, the great and powerful Harpooner does not even deviate his path or his pace for one ion of a moment.

And where is he headed?
You may ask yourself.
That, my friends, is the same thing I have been asking myself almost constantly, as of late…
generally, right before I start Hulking out.
Visions of chocolate donuts, starfish, and twinkies start dancing through my head…
That’s right my friends,
I think we’re being fucked.
And I don’t know about you, but it’s leaving me with a bad taste in my mouth. And an itchy, burning sensation that’s getting worse by the day.

Take my local MP, Bev Shipley, for example. Every vote put to the house, every single one, went right exactly in tow with what the majority, Team Harpooner, voted. And that is the total norm amongst PC MP’s. they are all a bunch of stinking cod fish, caught hook, line, and sinker on Captain Harpooner’s line.
So then the question arises: are they standing united purposely, or do they have guns to their heads and hairy gorilla fists knocking on the back door? That is a chicken/egg sort of problem, I believe…

That mob mentality is one of the serious flaws in the current incarnation of the federal PC party. It’s seems this beast has only one head, and the MP’s within it appear to be nothing more than micro-organisms dwelling in the intestines of this grotesque beast, living off of the half-digested meals of raw materials and renminbi. Even when there is total opposition, or any at all for that matter, the PC’s stand arm in arm and run full-out at that opposition until it either retreats, or gets knocked down and trampled.

I wonder if that would work to beat down and control this unruly monster of politics?… Use it’s own tactics against it.
Hands Across Canada. Or better yet, Hands Across North America!
A human barricade spanning across every Oil Sands project, pipeline, State Capitol, Provincial Capitol, Nations Capitol; from sea to shining sea… A continental Uproar of love for our quality of life, and the quality of life our children inherit when we leave.
I bet a two day “event” would be all it would take to seriously rattle some nerves, and wake a larger portion of the populace up to what is happening to their freedom and their Homes and their offspring’s future… non?

Perhaps a Captain Midnight style barrage of all media, big and small. Picture Noam Chomsky, Bob and Doug McKenzie, Stephen Colbert, and Rick Mercer all melded together into a Robot Chicken style presentation.
[insert acronym here] presents: C.M.V.2.0!!!
With the soundtrack provided by Daft Punk.

Unfortunately that grand scheme still, ultimately, depends on people fighting their natural instincts to ignore that which is inconvenient or thought provoking.

And, for someone other than Geraldo Rivera to cover it for the Mass Media outlets. Because you can be assured, Geraldo and his mighty moustache would be there, looking for that empty bottle of ‘shine at the heart of the story.


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