“The Athabasca …

“The Athabasca oil sands deposit is situated wholly within Canada’s boreal forest. Individual mine sizes range from 150 to 200 square kilometers (58 to 77 square miles). The proposed future reclaimed landscape will be significantly different—with 10 percent less wetlands, more lakes, and no peatlands. There are currently divergent views regarding the ultimate success of reclamation methods.
The in situ process requires no excavation and less surface area for operation but is associated with fragmentation of the forest from the construction of new roads in the area, seismic lines and exploration well sites. As well, there is still some debate about whether the tailings ponds can become biologically productive ecosystems.”

-Canada Oil Sands Opportunities and Challenges to 2015: An update
Section 6.2.3: Land disturbance and reclamation

….doesn’t sound like reclamation at all. And notice, NO mention of the boreal forest being re-established….


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