What is the Conservative Party of Canada anyway?

…Does anybody remember the Reform Party? That thieving den of Neo-Nazi’s and bigots?… oh yeah, that’s right, they became the Canadian Alliance, and then (Borg style) swallowed the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada and formed into the Conservative Party of Canada…
Stephen Harper’s little band of merry pranksters. The political equivalent of “Our Gang”, or “The Little Rascals”. Which, I suppose, if you want to look at it that way, would make Harper “Spanky”… indeed.

You really have to wonder about a political party that drops the word progressive from it’s moniker. In this day and age, what is to be gained? Well, for starters, any implications that there will be any sort of progress. Fiscal, social, or environmentally sustainable. Second, it basically removes the obligations to adhere to PC party values, all the while trotting about in PC uniforms. Much like Power Rangers did to Voltron. A cheap rip-off of an already half-baked idea…


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