This Is a Call pt.7: Down In The Ditches

We have plunged head first into an age where people have become physically and mentally unable to speak their minds. Terminally frightened to unleash caustic word-horde’s that  offend, or invite intelligent informed debate…

We now live in a fence-fucker’s paradise.

A middle of the road atmosphere surrounds everything, from far and near.

Freedom now, involves the freedom to go to Starbucks or Tim Horton’s.

Mc Donald’s or A&W…

It’s been a while since I have felt this blood-curdling chill run down my spine. A cold electric jolt, causing all of my nerve endings and synapse’s to run full out, until they’re burnt out.

This is, I think, what a frantic discourse on the Canadian political landscape feels like.

Put another way, this nation is quickly becoming a tailings pond for every political misfit, reject, and whorehound; of every twisted idea and Id. We are experiencing a thorough liquidation of ideologies and rationality in the political/social process’.

…A revolution dreamed up by a committee of dystopian-economics fundamentalists.

The word revolution itself has become twisted into a horrible doppelganger of a concept.


If Lennon sang about that today, he’d be castrated.

Dear god! Look at this pile of vitriol laced smagma.

A shopping list of reasons why I may spend my golden years on a hunger strike in some frigid northern prison camp for those of us that oppose.

I’ll be accosted in the middle of the night. Likely zapped with a Tazer in the nuts, repeatedly, but a gang of well dressed, brogue shoe wearing, violent thugs… before they drag me out into the cold night wearing nothing but my briefs. Which, by that time, will be soaked in urine, due to the repeated high voltage blasts to my urethra and punches to my kidneys.

Indeed… Stranger things have happened for far less obvious reasons.

Freedom is on life support, and the plug will be pulled any time now, due to rising hydro rates, and  budgetary constraints.

How did we get here?

And is there even the possibility of turning things around any more?

The optimist in me says yes, there is always room for the evolution of the soul of the nation.

The pessimist in me wants to slap that optimist upside the head and offer him some strong drink, to help the sideways realities of it all come into focus…

It feels like the real possibilities of life have been strangled out of us.

School, work, taxes and death are the possibilities of today.

…And failure.

Above all, failure.

All of the old values that used to draw folks to this part of the world have evaporated before our sleeping eyes. Replaced with stringent rules, regulations, laws, by-laws, and ordinances to live by… and under.

Christ! You can’t even ride a bicycle sans helmet without the fear of being stopped and flogged by the police, or even worse, a gaggle of concerned citizens.

Somewhere along the line public opinion became more important than personal freedom.

And perhaps that is the nut.

The gem at the heart of this coarse stone.

Try to picture all of those rebels without a cause: Hemingway, Keith Moon, Jack Kerouac or Ken Kesey existing and flourishing in the world of today. In the social climate that rains down on us at all hours of the day and night. I think it would be an impossibility. They would all be locked up, committed, or worse; assimilated.

Perhaps it has always been like this though. But the difference, I believe, is that in the past, folks had the option of moving west, to outrun the grips of… progress.

Progress is now a Doublespeak version of itself.


Orwell and Huxley have fucked us. They laid out the ugliest of blueprints for how rotten things could be, but the only one’s who took them seriously were the very scum they were trying to warn us about.

These evil swine have taken those texts and used them as a roadmap to a way of life that allows them to live without consequence for their ill-conceived ideas.

* * *

Looking forward, to the Federal election of 2015, my heart fills with vitriol and fear.

Knowing full well that the choices we have are as different from each other as Coke, Pepsi, and RC cola I cannot really see any sort of evolution in the political landscape. Team Harper, Team Trudeau, and Team Mulcair. That’s it. It’s going to HAVE to be one of those three.

It’s like having to choose which orifice you’re going to be savagely violated in.

The CPC will hold the ridings where constituents have benefited from the government’s sideways, heavy-handed business practices. I say business instead of governing because this Borg-style party runs Canada like a business…

Christ! There it is! The root that’s digging into the foundation of the Canadian identity.

That thing. The seed of this unholy feeling that runs throughout my body every time I read, watch, or even think about, anything to do with the Conservative Party of Canada.

The CPC has realized that it is very insulating to their pockets to run the country like a greasy, shrewd, private investment company. Stephen Harper’s economics background has led him to believe that running things like a business instead of like a society is the way to go.

It’s the core of the doublespeaking, half-witted, lobotomized CPC brain trust…

And in a way, it’s not untrue.

Focusing on the fiscal aspects of running Canada has allowed the CPC to validate their lack of societal governance to themselves, by way of sidestepping those issues altogether. Always keeping the focus, the limelight, on the money.

We have the Economic Action Plan. But where is the Cultural Action Plan? Why not a Quality of Life Action Plan? Why not an Enlightenment and Societal Evolution Action Plan? Why not an Environmental and Sustainability Action Plan?


But enough of the CPC, I have had too much coffee in too short a time to speak calmly and rationally about this pack of hapless ventriloquist dolls. I should have saved myself the blood boiling trauma of that tangent and simply stated that the CPC will hold their ridings where likeminded business people live. Back scratchers. Partners. Associates. Future Boss’…

The Liberal Party will try to gobble up as much of the youth vote as they can. That’s what Trudeau is there for. If that lame schtick were any more obvious, they’d have The Bieber as the figurehead of The Liberal Party. Behind that thin veneer, there’s still the same old, haggard, whore face that The Liberal’s mock the CPC for sporting…

Given the opportunity to run the show, I don’t think The Liberal Party would have the huevos to veer Canada away from the general direction that it’s headed in. They’ve taken such a beating in the past (one which they’re still recovering from), that I think the main objective would be to keep their feet planted on the ground and their heads in the sand… And to assure that any contentious issues can be traced back, and blamed, on Team Harpooner.

The NDP seem barely worth mentioning. Despite Mulcair’s attempts to bark like a rabid coyote at every opportunity, to hiss condemnation of the CPC’s policies and conduct, to voice opposition to everything that comes from the other side of the room.

Mulcair just doesn’t raise people’s attention, or phallus’. He just doesn’t reek of leadership. He suffers from the same public perception as a raving town drunk…

So as you can see, the current landscape is desolate. Hopeless.

It appears that we need to be extremely selective about who we even let run for office. As part of the voting process I think there should be a section on the ballot allowing Canadians to vote a politician unfit for office. With every vote against cancelling out a vote for. That scenario would definitely have people like Stephen Harper, or John Baird pissing in their panties…

What we need is an all out subversion of the whole Canadian electoral system. A deep, intensive colonic of Parliament. Perhaps we could start by evicting any and all “businessmen” from the green roofed church of the red maple leaf. Allow only scientists, intellectuals, and blue-collar types in the place.

Alas, I fear that we, the people will remain so completely detached from what happens in parliament that no matter what happens in there, we’ll remain idle…

… Unless they try to fuck with our national anthem again.

Our grandchildren are going to be extremely pissed off with us one day.

Less for our actions, than for our inactions.

…It’s a hard rain, that’s gonna fall…

And so much for all this discontent, rage, and depressing realism. It does nothing but add fuel to the fires. And that is not what is needed at this point in history. We need to let the fires burn out, and treat the situation coldly and calmly, like a surgeon removing a cancerous growth from a patient.

* * *

All of the educated, non-partisan professionals (scientists, professors, specialists) have been brushed aside, silenced, and beaten down like some cracked-up wino begging for changed outside of The Opera House on a Saturday night in February…

It has fallen into the hands of those that control/make their own media/waves. It’s up to those who can’t be silenced through removal of government funding and grants. It is up to those who will not be fired and blacklisted for raising awareness or speaking out against what the Spin Doktors are churning out.

The scientists are muzzled. And the news men/women function as ever-smiling, lobotomized screen readers. Not representatives of truth, insight, or freedom of the press.

The only way now, to hear the well informed views of anyone “in the know” is to strike up a conversation with them over the loudspeaker, or while they’re handing you your coffee through the drive-thru window.

Since these people have been muted, it has become the responsibility of those who are not dependant on the business culture, the grants and appointed tenures circuit, to speak up for the rest of us who have become so easy to ignore and dismiss with a well rehearsed wave and a smile. It has become the responsibility of those that can; to do, say, and contribute whatever they can. It is what dedicated students of democracy and freedom are supposed to do.

Isn’t it?

When people think back to the 60’s, for example, the first thing that generally comes to mind is the cultural melting pot. The counter-culture. The hippies. The activists. The protests. The music. The aspects of that era that caused much of the positive change that is now taken for granted here, in the year 2014.

Was it the career politicians and businessmen who affected this change?

No, it was the blue collar, the youth, the artists. The beaten down and the downtrodden. It was the rising tide of people who were sick and tired of being taken for granted, and taken advantage of. They were not MPP’s, MP’s, Senator’s, PM’s or Presidents. But they caused a powerful momentum shift in the state of the western culture. And indeed, the world.

Perhaps that is what we need now. A unified movement that is determined to speak out, and to stand up, for the core values that make up the fabric of our society.

With flowers in hand and calm compassionate words, or down in the ditches with middle fingers and anti-government slurs…

Perhaps we need to stop letting our representatives represent us and represent ourselves.

Or, perhaps, I just need to buy an iphone, some google glasses, or a PS4. Play some GTA, instagram some selfies, or watch some Big Brother…



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