Memo From The Canadian Affairs Desk: March 2 , 2014 – Ukraine in the membrane

The vultures are circling

The vultures are circling

It’s an arctic -17C out here, in the backwoods of Southwestern Ontario. The wind is punishing the trees with violent gusts; and the house is pitching and creaking like it is sailing on turbulent, grey seas… It’s a good night to sit here, at The Canadian Affairs Desk and listen to some music, some Network News, and the clacking of these well worn keys…

The News is a wild orgy of caustic, blood-boiling, ulcer nourishing international updates. The situation in the Ukraine has become a paramount subject of discussion and pondering. As well as a source of early morning drinking binges and late afternoon migraines… This toxic drama is unfolding at an alarming rate… A high-stakes game of tug-o-war between the Western World and Russia.

The direction Ukrainian politics sways will have a dramatic effect on the world stage. The Ukraine is a crucial plot of earth, so far as passive-aggressive politics go. An important buffer zone for Russia, and a juicy economic opportunity for the West. That’s essentially what all of the News I’ve ingested boils down to.

I find little mention of the sentiments of the people of the Ukraine. I find very few accounts of what the word on the street is, what the reaction to Russia’s sly tactics are; How people feel about the political hamster, John Baird, being there…

But, I suppose, in the world of politics; the word on the street is meaningless compared to the speech from the podium.

And what a plethora of speeches and statements and press releases there are, floating around in the ether of the digital world. Everyone wants to throw their two cents into the ring. But so far, Russia seems to be the only player willing to put their money where their mouth is.

…Although there are many willing to put their mouth where the money is…

In a sideways twist of fate, even the U.N. is helpless to prevent Russia from exercising military muscle in the Crimea region, because Russia holds veto power on all U.N. procedures. It’s going to be up to individual countries to step in and stand up for a more “Westernized” Ukraine. It will require more than vague allusions to strong opposition. It looks like it will/has come down to a physical presentation of intent and resolve.

All of this, between two opposing forces… neither of which is the Ukraine.

Crimea is under siege by a masked militia. A well-trained, authoritative force that has swooped down and taken hold. Faceless and without allegiance. No one has taken responsibility for this military action.
But it is commonly believed to be a swarm of Russian head hunters…
A well trained unit of armed madmen. Jacked up on protein bars and Krokodil and looking for action.

A crazed horde of movie calibre “Bad Guys”… They’ve all got pictures of John McLane’s face tattooed on their hands so that when they hold their scrotum to urinate or masturbate, ‘ol John is giving them… oral pleasures…

There are airports shut down, government buildings occupied, and: there’s no significant political/military response. Anywhere else in the world, if you tried that, you’d be bombarded with psychological warfare; in between violent outbursts of large calibre automatic gun fire… I have never heard/read of an unknown militia taking control of airports and/or strategic government buildings without experiencing some hard opposition and being made to answer some short questions. So why is this instance so different? Why is there a congregation of Canadian seersuckers with crocodile smiles but no henchmen with wry, pragmatic smirks?

These are simple questions which have not been addressed. Vital “why’s” that are rooted deep at the heart of this growing, evolving, mutating, chest beating display.

These are the questions that keep me tuned into the Network News, keep me scanning Newsfeeds and real-time updates. These are the questions that keep me drinking and smoking heavily, listening to high decibel music, and clacking away at these well worn, and forlorn keys…


3 responses to “Memo From The Canadian Affairs Desk: March 2 , 2014 – Ukraine in the membrane

  1. To keep in touch with the people of Ukraine I watch the live stream from Kyiv and read the Kyiv Post. Luckily I understand Ukrainian, and believe me there is so much the Can/US press doesn’t convey. You can google-translate the Kyiv post (although sometimes it gets mangled), but you get some idea. The live stream from Maidan is here:

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