Memo from The Canadian Affairs Desk – March 4, 2014: The Ukraine brain drain

Rootin' for Putin...

Tuesday, March 4 2014:

There’s a crisis in the Ukraine… It’s a matter of when, not if, the situation will turn to shit… From protests to powder kegs, the ebb and the flow is erratic and powerful… searing images seize the eyes at every turn… A country divided, and if Russia can’t have it they’re willing to let it burn…


I was just reading that ‘use of force’ in the Ukraine by Russia would be a last resort. But a last resort to what? So far as I know, they (Team Putin) haven’t really stated what they’re doing or what they want.
…Vague allusions, that contain a doublespeak tone that surrounds most politicians of police states…

My brain screams for music and caffeine and nicotine! Necessary coping mechanisms that will keep this mass of tenderized, gelatinous meat from leaping out of my skull…

…And now, as I sit here with the instrumental tracks from Death Grips ‘Black Google’ blaring on my headphones, I am also watching CBCNN on the T.V.; listening to John Kerry do something quite rare in the world of politics. He is holding a press conference where he is speaking plainly and earnestly to the reporters and cameras in the room. This is the kind of politically minded oratory that has become the Dodo bird of big time, international affairs. It almost appears that he is saying what he thinks… Speaking for his country, but also, himself.

…Perhaps I shoved too much Salvia in the end of my cigarette…

History of connection and Twilight Zone strangeness are driving this queer drama. The feeling that only half the story is being spun at any one time is undeniable. There is an hallucinogenic tint to all of the News footage. A blurring of contexts and cultures. A manic slideshow of political pageantry. An eclipsing monolith of media manipulation…

This is what happens when politicians put their image in the hands of Ad. Execs. And P.R. firms

It is a battle, to wade through all of the News coverage and find substantial reportage on what the word on the street is in Kyiv. What the average citizen thinks of the current state of affairs. How people feel about the new political powers in Ukraine… Anything, other than the political dick waving between Russia and the United States/the Western World.

A thought racing through my head:
If Russia can get away with effectively annexing part of Ukraine simply because there are a lot of Russians in the region, does that mean that the southern United States should be wary of Mexico veering down the same road?

Imagine the possibilities:
California, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Arizona; all new states in the Mexican Confederation. Florida will be swallowed up by Cuba. San Francisco will become a Chinese colony. New York City: a borderless Interzone…
This new international political landscape will be like a game of Risk. Or World of Warcraft.

And like those games, the crisis in the Ukraine is likely to become increasingly intricate, self-involving, desperate, and never-ending.
It will not result in a winner/loser status update. Just another international stalemate.

And still, The word on the street will be coloured over by the speech from the podium…


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